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You can’t miss the golden reflection of a Klipsch speaker. I got myself a pair of RB-35 back in 2005 and now after 13 years with a few years unused I decided to put them back in service. Surprise the sound of the tweeters ...

Repairing the tweeters of the Klipsch RB-35

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Requirements for a compact softbox After a failed attempt to buy a mini photo studio kit on Amazon, I decided to build it myself The requirements are simple: Being cheaper than the 50 euros for the Amazon Kit (1 ...

Build a compact and low cost softbox


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After few years of duty my Illy Francis Francis X7.1 (yeah two times Francis, they must have had fun) made the circuit breaker trip. The issue is quickly identified being a leak between the boiler and the input tube ...

Fixing a leak in the Illy Francis Francis X7.1 coffee machine


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iPhone means innovation! That statement was true at its beginnings with the first versions. The iPhones 4S, 5, 5S, 6 and 6S are mainly « nice to have » upgrades based on a rock solid concept that is the ...

iPhone 7 the revolution you dream about

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In 2009 the Logitech G500 went on the market. The mouse is clearly oriented to video-games ! The review on the french LesNumériques website convience me to go for it so I get it in 2010 for 44,5 €. Three years later, ...

Three years with the Logitech G500, a gaming mouse surprisingly useful for office work


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OS X Mac’s operating system is purely wonderful. It’s actually even better when you know what the concurrence proposes. But like every wonderful thing, there is always a way to make it better. Version used of OS ...

The 9 best and must have applications for Mac

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Everybody knows it, heat goes up. Almost all kind of heater use this principle. Heated air thru contact to the fins inside the heater flows up and goes out thru the top grid. In this process it can pull the cold air ...

Save energy by inverting a wall heater’s heat flow

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It’s not always the hugest projects, that impacts the most your life. Proof is made with this simple switch placed under board of a kitchen shelve. Not all devices consume standby energy but some of them consume quite ...

Save money with an embedded switch to your furniture

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With its new “Lightning” connection, the iPhone 5 is not directly compatible with older docks made for previous iPhones. For comfort reasons I personally use a generic Bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone. That’s why ...

Cheap and useful iPhone 5 wooden dock

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If you have never seen ultra-hydrophobics I can promise you that it worth having a look! It seems that these products contain nanotechnologic components or undergo nanotechnologic fabrication processes, hard to say ...

Nano-hydrophobics or how to get any thing waterproof in seconds

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Twitter’s bird is more and more negatively criticized for transporting low quality information. One has to admit that when we think about Twitter we first imagine a kind of SMS service where everybody writes about his ...

Twitter as newsreader – The wonderful tool

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Radiant Defense: A game that is too hard for you? Some Soluce Radiant Defense is a "Tower Defense" like game available on Mac, iPhone and iPad. It goes a little hard in the end so you can play for some good hours to ...

Radiant Defense: A game that is too hard for you? Some tips

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Make electronics come back to life without breaking the bank Today why couldn’t I fix this MacBook that waits in its original box for months? Maybe a lack of courage facing that amount of screws? (21 screws only to lift ...

Project: fixing a MacBook white

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Date of creation: mid 2010 Duration of the project: 5 hours (for 2 Talkbox) Cost of the project: ~10€ (13$) + reuse parts What is a Talkbox and why building one? A Talkbox is a musical instrument injecting ...

Build your own Talkbox and challenge Daft Punk

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Period of use : Early 2012 Cost of the service : Free iCloud, a service like no other With iCloud, Apple is combining clouding with the strength of iOS and OS X systems. There are plenty clouding services ...

iCloud compared to Google, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and others

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Date of use: Since 2009 Cost of the software: free Version: 1.5 MenuMeters is a free utility for mac, which places useful system information in the menu bar. The problem with a laptop (and its relatively small ...

MenuMeters: usefulness and parameters

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Building date: 11.05.2012 Project’s duration: 3 hours Cost of the project: ~5$ Version: 1.0 This is a project of iphone docking station made for the single purpose to be fixed to a car’s vent. The idea was ...

Iphone docking station for car

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