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I created NanoFeeling in 2012 with the intention first to present my personal projects and second to share my ideas on the huge topic that I love so much, technology. A kind of hybrid website between portfolio and Tech-blog.

My projects

My own projects cover a lot of different topics, informatics, electronics and even interior architecture with home made furnitures.


I’m inspired by everyday life and news. It can be a discovery or a new device, NanoFeeling surfs on technology unpretentiously and pretty relaxed.

NanoFeeling’s unique content. On my website I forbid any kind of pure copy-paste methods. O obviously have references to existing content and copy sometimes bloc of information but always adding personal opinion or a feedback. In other words, real unique content.

NanoFeeling for now it is:

  • 20 visits a day with only 13 posts (may 13)
  • A hobby website on which the frequency of posting is highly variable and totally unpredictable
  • NF for intimate ;)
  • A single author of the text, pictures, video-edits, webdesign

NanoFeeling in the futur it will be:

  • A bilingual website : french & english
  • Millions of visits a day (I’m allowed to dream)
  • A team full of awesome and cool partners

Web Design

NanoFeeling’s design. Mid-2013 the website undergoes a substantial lifting. The goal was to promote concepts I think important like:

  • be “responsive” (ability to adapt to mobile device’s screen)
  • Grid style instead of the too classic blog roll from the 2000’s

If your are curious, you can compare the two designs here:

Comparaison Design Nanofeeling

About me

I’m an electronics engineer working in the embedded systems area, I always had a frenetic passion for technology. With NanoFeeling I’m able to share my experiences sometimes out coming from a long research job.

I particularly like innovation in technology. In the past I predicted many technological progresses that are now common in our lives. Through my posts I have the intention to continue imagining the futur.

I wish you a nice visit and invite you to contact me if you have any question or comment.