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Everybody knows it, heat goes up. Almost all kind of heater use this principle. Heated air thru contact to the fins inside the heater flows up and goes out thru the top grid. In this process it can pull the cold air ...

Save energy by inverting a wall heater’s heat flow

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It’s not always the hugest projects, that impacts the most your life. Proof is made with this simple switch placed under board of a kitchen shelve. Not all devices consume standby energy but some of them consume quite ...

Save money with an embedded switch to your furniture

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Make electronics come back to life without breaking the bank Today why couldn’t I fix this MacBook that waits in its original box for months? Maybe a lack of courage facing that amount of screws? (21 screws only to lift ...

Project: fixing a MacBook white

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Building date: 11.05.2012 Project’s duration: 3 hours Cost of the project: ~5$ Version: 1.0 This is a project of iphone docking station made for the single purpose to be fixed to a car’s vent. The idea was ...

Iphone docking station for car

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