Cheap and useful iPhone 5 wooden dock

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iPhone 5 wooden dock side view

With its new “Lightning” connection, the iPhone 5 is not directly compatible with older docks made for previous iPhones. For comfort reasons I personally use a generic Bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone. That’s why I absolutely needed a little stand for my smartphone on my desk offering a perfect angle of vision for the best readability.

I decided to build the dock myself within this perfect material called wood.
The dock is composed of four wooden parts only. All carefully cut with an handsaw. These are glued with hot glue giving the stand a quite good rigidity.

You will need around one or two hours for the whole assembly. In the end I use it every day and is almost (if not equally) handful than a branded dock and all this for a cost probably less than 1€ (without the cable)

 iPhone 5 wooden dock side view 2

 iPhone 5 wooden dock front view

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