iPhone 7 the revolution you dream about

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iPhone means innovation! That statement was true at its beginnings with the first versions.

The iPhones 4S, 5, 5S, 6 and 6S are mainly « nice to have » upgrades based on a rock solid concept that is the iPhone.

iPhone Comparison

For the iPhone 7 a real evolution of the functionalities is wanted much more than a simple performance increase.

The whole world already has speculated on new functions like wireless payment, curve screen, and so on. But if Apple decides to act like Apple, we could be surprised again.

Thanks to very reliable sources (my imagination and my hopes) here are the rumors of the next innovative functions that Apple wants to integrate in the iPhone 7 (dreaming out loud).

NFG Near Field Geolocation

This function allows the iPhone to localize precisely every compatible device in a reduced range of distance. When I use the word « precisely »I mean a quarter inch or around 1 centimeter precision plus the pitch and tilt orientation at 1 degree angle precision. The function could be available when the 2 devices are distant of maximum 10m (around 400 inches). Oppositely to a GPS that do not localize in 3D, the NFG includes the Z or elevation information. A lot of applications can be derived from this function:

  • A multiplatform gamepad
  • Find a lost compatible device, like a lost iPhone could be found with another one.
  • Instantaneous screen daisy chaining by placing iPhones side by side or near a TV screen or monitor.

Near Field Geolocation

Inductive charging

This would be the end of the charging cables diversity. Just place your iPhone 7 on the inductive surface and it will start charging. In the beginning one could think of a 4*4 inches surface but it could be extended to a whole desk surface. Or why not in the back of a docking station that kind of just keeps the iPhone standing and wirelessly charging. Of course the lightning connection is still available for travels, fast charging and fast file transfers. My only doubt is if Apple is ready to get rid of the classy anodized aluminum for some kind of plastic?

Wireless charging iphone

Nanotubes batteries

The nightmare of the limited battery time of the smartphones would be over with the nanotubes batteries. Replacing lithium by nanotubes would allow the iPhone 7 to live for one month under normal use. Charging would be 100 times faster so that a few minutes are enough to fully charge the phone.

iPhone inhinity battery nanotubes

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