Iphone docking station for car

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  • Building date: 11.05.2012
  • Project’s duration: 3 hours
  • Cost of the project: ~5$
  • Version: 1.0

This is a project of iphone docking station made for the single purpose to be fixed to a car’s vent. The idea was to create a prototype able to charge an iPhone, stiff enough to be able to use the touchscreen, add a volume knob and include the possibility of unmount the dock without leaving a trace (oppositely to a suction cup which always let a visible spot).

Volume control

A tiny bit of electronic is present with the potentiometer. I first tried with a linear potentiometer I had, obviously the volume was increasing way too fast.

With a 2 channel log 10k potentiometer (no special audio stuff here) the results are excellent.

Here by is a functional schematic for a ultra simplified volume control. The potentiometer I used is a : TE Connectivity – CP16DH10IP6103BF (around 2 $ from Farnell)



For the next version I will integrate a Bluetooth audio module, making the jack connector dispensable.

D’autres photos du dock





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