MenuMeters: usefulness and parameters

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  • Date of use: Since 2009
  • Cost of the software: free
  • Version: 1.5

MenuMeters is a free utility for mac, which places useful system information in the menu bar. The problem with a laptop (and its relatively small screen) the menu bar is a precious space, which is usually already overloaded.
The way I tweak MenuMeters is though minimizing the space it will occupy in the bar (~145 pixels long).
However I make the four data type available: network flow, memory space, Hard drive activity and CPU usage.

Thus, in the software preferences I modify this:

  • CPU: “Graph and Percentage” + “Show average … “
  • Disk: “Aqua lights” this mode permits essentially to see hard drive states with a single clic on the very thin symbol.HDD-state.png
  • Memory: “Usage Bar”, again very compact but very easy way of seeing if the memory is saturated (indicating that a reboot could be useful)
  • Network: “Throughput”+ “Ignore values below 1KB/s”+ uncheck “Show throughput labels (Tx/Rx)”. Complete and compact, we get control of the network, which is nice to have when a webpage is loading for age or to monitor background downloads. In addition, the values wont be polluted by insignificant transfers (< 1KB)

For the curious ones, aside of MenuMeters the applications present in the bar are:
Twitter, Evernote, Quickkeys, Dropbox, MenuTab, Growl, Messages

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