Nano-hydrophobics or how to get any thing waterproof in seconds

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If you have never seen ultra-hydrophobics I can promise you that it worth having a look!

It seems that these products contain nanotechnologic components or undergo nanotechnologic fabrication processes, hard to say according to the descriptions.
However the results are amazing . Any kind of liquid seems to be in a sort of levitation when it goes near an object coated with a thin film of ultra-hydrophobic.

The demo videos give some impressive examples of how it could be used. Very quickly we could find tests on smartphones that became totally waterproof (and still working) after being hydrophobicly treated.

 Gloves comparison – with and without Ultra Ever Dry

Who knows maybe in the future the waterproofing issues in cellars, swimming pools, rain exposed walls, will be extremely reduced. If it works that well with snow the product will have a huge success in the automotive area. By the way for cars, Rain-X, a well know hydrophobic, already exist. But in this case it does not reach the nanotechnologic level neither the same impressive results.


I’m asking myself about the dangers of use of this product. Indeed they insist that you use a protective and filtering mask but what happens if I forget the mask? And what if I accidentally inhale such a product, will my airways suddenly get waterproof? I can’t imagine the disaster if you get some on your eyes. I’m not sure the safety measures are clear enough knowing the potential “toxicity” of such a product.


Another question pops up in my head, what about the longevity and robustness to abrasion, facts often named as worst enemy of nano-hydrophobics.


The video of presentation :


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