Radiant Defense: A game that is too hard for you? Some tips

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Radiant Defense: A game that is too hard for you? Some Soluce

Radiant Defense is a “Tower Defense” like game available on Mac, iPhone and iPad. It goes a little hard in the end so you can play for some good hours to finish it. I’m myself not a hard core gamer but I love the addictive concept of “Tower Defence” games that reminds the the (too) long night spent on Total Annihilation at that time.

  • Discovery date: 1st of May 2012
  • Time to finish: 8 hours
  • Cost: free + 4 DLC for 0.79 € each
  • Version: 1.2.5

On the design side, Radiant Defense is really well finished like always with this game editor. It is free to acquire the basic game and proposes four option packs for 0,79€ each:

  • Burning Pack
  • Xenobiology Pack
  • Explosive Pack
  • Science Pack

I love the idea, being a free basis and thus easy to try but comes with a fixed number of very cheap packs. In the contrary of other games that propose costly credits (that I never buy), with Radiant Defense you will never spend more than 3,16€.
I got the three first packs on four and I managed to finish the game. I’m only waiting now the editor to release some more levels to force me buying the last pack !

Link: Radiant Defense for Mac
Link: Radiant Defense for iPhone
Link: Radiant Defense for Android

Notice that I could “synchronize” my purchases between my two Macs with the option “Restore Purchase” so that I didn’t had to pay them twice. Unfortunately it didn’t work on my iPhone, I would have to rebuy them (what I obviously not gonna do)

My strategies to win

  • Radiant Defense Canon strategy place the “Seraphim” canons and the collectors side by side on the way. The canons usually kills in one shot (more than it damages) so the collector will take advantage of it.
  • Radiant Defense Flame thrower strategy Place the slow turning flame throwers in the angles of the path so that it does not try to turn on itself too much. In a corner it will have a small 90° angle of action, right in the middle of the path it will slowly follow the target on 360° and might never touch it. .

The official website also gathers strategies explain along the missions: Radiant Defense Strategy Guide

Mission 8

Mission 8 was for me the hardest one. If I’m not wrong it even seems that in a recent update the revenue was increased for this mission. Nevertheless I could finish the mission and I had to buy the “Explosive Pack” to go along with the “Burning Pack” and the “Xenobiology Pack” that I already had.
What disturbes me in in this particular mission is that the path is already traced and the very little freedom to modify it (only 3 modules on the mission)

In case you are blocked at this mission here is some screenshots of a winning strategy.

Radiant Defense Mission 8 Level 12

Mission 8 – Level 12

Radiant Defense Mission 8 Level 26

Mission 8 – Level 26

Radiant Defense Mission 8 Level 32

Mission 8 – Level 32

Radiant Defense Mission 8 Level 46

Mission 8 – Level 46

Radiant Defense Mission 8 Level 50

Mission 8 – Level 50

Mission 9

This time we get many more construction modules but the right path is not easy to find.
Here under is a good way to start.

Radiant Defense Mission 9 Level 6

Mission 9 – Level 6

Radiant Defense Mission 9 Level 31

Mission 9 – Level 31

Radiant Defense Mission 9 Level 36

Mission 9 – Level 36

Radiant Defense Mission 9 Level 53

Mission 9 – Level 53

Radiant Defense Mission 9 Level 54

Mission 9 – Level 54

Radiant Defense Mission 9 Level 55

Mission 9 – Level 55

2 responses to “Radiant Defense: A game that is too hard for you? Some tips”

  1. TimeTorn says:

    This is a very addictive strategy game that I discovered on a windows8 computer, in the app store, and have played it on my windows phone and Android. I agree the payment option is really great, getting the game for free and cheap one-time purchases to get the upgrade packs, it’s genius. A lot of people don’t want to purchase a game for like $4, some will even turn their noses up to the idea after a free trial period. In this game you do not have to unlock levels, but given the increasing difficulty of each level, it’s likely impossible to complete the game without buying a single pack. As the game gets more difficult, the idea of purchasing a pack becomes tempting. It’s not much, only $1, so cheapskates will be more inclined to buy it. And once you experience the satisfaction of unlocking the stronger weapons, you’ll be more inclined to unlock the next one. My favorite upgrade pack is the explosive pack. The Seraphim rockets are highly versatile. They have long range, great accuracy, splash damage to take down groups, and they pack a punch to take down those stubborn enemies that just won’t go down. My favorite thing about them is that if they miss, the rocket will turn and come right back around, or if their target dies before they reach it, they’ll turn their sights on the next target. No ammunition is wasted, and no strategic placement is needed other than planting them where they can reach the enemies entire path, it also helps to place them within range of the enemy portal, so missiles will be launched the moment the enemies appear. The flame pack is also great. The flamethrower is likely the most powerful and useful weapon available without having to build a research station. It’s effective at burning through groups with a constant stream of deadly fire, and even burns through energy shields. The disruptor laser is useful in the first few waves because it always prefers the first target out of the gate, so if you place it where targets come into range twice, it will help pick off targets that made it through your initial defense. Try to create a “Kill Zone” where aliens come to die. This can be done by creating a loop where aliens have to come by twice, and any ammunition that misses the aliens close by, will hit the aliens on the far-end of the loop. Also use the warp generator to slow down enemies and help cluster them together. Remember that every warp generator at the same upgrade level will pulse at the same time. So placing two level 5 units placed so their pulse overlaps each other will be slightly wasted. If you place a level 4 next to a 5, they will pulse at different intervals, “staggering” their pulses, keeping mobs slowed for much longer.

    • TimeTorn says:

      A good strategy for placing modules is to place them diagonally, since aliens can only move up, down, left, right, and not diagonally, they will be forced to zig-zag along the modules, taking twice as long to make it down the path as they would if the modules were placed crossways. This also creates ideal placement locations for turrets and cannons. It creates a fire-line. They can fire straight down the diagonal line, and any rounds that miss their targets will continue to hit the next target. Combined with warp generators to slow the targets, this is an extremely effective strategy to create a kill zone.

      Don’t forget that you don’t have to combine your modules with existing structures. You can always branch off and create your own path for the aliens, separate from the structures already in place. And remember that the longest path isn’t always the best path. It is preferrable to create a path using your modules that creates ideal locations to place your weapons.

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