Save money with an embedded switch to your furniture

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Save money with an embedded switch to your furniture - Mounting

It’s not always the hugest projects, that impacts the most your life. Proof is made with this simple switch placed under board of a kitchen shelve. Not all devices consume standby energy but some of them consume quite a lot. A smart move would be to save some watt-hour by electrically unplugging those devices when not in use. The deported switch drives a power strip on witch the domestic electrical goods are connected.
Here is listed the four devices with their corresponding standby consumptions:
Mechanical microwave oven: 0
Kitchen-Aid Artisan toaster: 10W
A power supply for video projector: 5W
A juicer: 0
So, without the switch, I would have 15 Watts consumption during day and night for absolutely nothing. For a year and taking into account an hour per day of use, one calculate the save of energy:
15W * 23h = 345 Wh / day
345 * 30 = 10350 Wh / month = 10,3 kWh / month
10,3 * 12 = 123,6 kWh /year

And the money saving with the following price: 0.023 € for one kilowatt-hour

10,3 * 0,23 = 2,4 € per month
123,6 * 0,23 = 28,4 € per year

The win is modest but exists. However if the microwave oven was an electronic one (non zero standby consumption for the digital clock), the saving would probably two times bigger.
The most noticeable win is of course the win of comfort. No need to contort yourself anymore to unplug the power strip many times a day.

The project is quite simple. One just needs a female electrical plug, a male electrical plug, some cable (adapted to the sum of power consumptions) and a switch.
For the switch, I had chosen a raw model intended for panel mounting purposes. Its admissible power goes way beyond our need since it allows 20A under 220V. Once the cable soldered to the terminals, the compound is sealed with hot glue.
A small white painted piece of wood was used as a lever. This permits an elegant integration to the furniture.
Here is the switch product reference ARCOLECTRIC SWITCHES – C1710HOAAB
A rough estimation leads to a total cost of 10 euros for the whole project.

Save money with an embedded switch to your furniture - On-Off

The assembly is a child’s play and is summarized by the following schematic:

Save money with an embedded switch to your furniture - Schematic

In the future, other deported switches will be built and placed on the same fashion under the desk board. It will then be possible to quickly disconnect all the informatics devices without the need of bending over backwards to unplug them under the desk.
Other projects to win and save money by wasting less will follow.

Save money with an embedded switch to your furniture - Integration

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