Twitter as newsreader – The wonderful tool

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Twitter a newsreader

Twitter’s bird is more and more negatively criticized for transporting low quality information. One has to admit that when we think about Twitter we first imagine a kind of SMS service where everybody writes about his life, which nobody actually reads. This way of using Twitter is from far the most common one and thus degrades Twitter’s image to people who don’t want to waste their time (reading useless messages).
However Twitter is a wonderful tool. Using Twitter in a „passive“ way permits to obtain the handiest newsreader in comparison to other information sources.
By passive I mean that the user emits no message and thus only reads the ones he receives. By choosing who or what (a news paper for example) one wants to follow, Twitter’s window turns into a list of titles of potentially interesting news.
Normally newspapers add a link to the whole article to tweets. This way, by reading the titles list, one can decide to read further or just ignore.

Advantages are:

  • You control 100% of your news sources
  • Reading titles list is extremely fast
  • Twitter is multiplatform; consult on your iPhone the morning, on a PC at lunch and on your mac in the afternoon
  • Of course Twitter is free

If you are looking for a simple, efficient and smart way to stay informed, don’t hesitate; Twitter is the solution with no equivalent.

Twitter as newsreader - example

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